Again, a device to gutsify your tone. The Mode feature is of interest here, set it to one, and it gives it a kind of "wet" tone compaired to set at two for a "dry" tone. At a guess. you'll probably be wondering what the hell we're on about, but have a play, and believe it or not, it does make sence. The range of sounds from a light crunch to full blown overdrive gives textures like The Who/Bad Company all the way through to the Killers. 

*1/4 jack input/output sockets 

*18v power supply socket 

*Drive, tone, Mode and Master Controls 

*Solid metal construction 

Dimensions: 140 - 130 - 70 (W x D x H) mm 

Weight 0.8kg

Pris: 1695 (inkl. moms)