HIWATT Pedaler

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HIWATT Tube distortion Pedal

The key to this pedal, Along with the Tube Overdrive, is to make sure you've set your amp to the clean setting: Let the pedals do all the work as thats what they're there for. Experimenting with the settings will get you smooth tones all the way through to stunning power chords. 


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HIWATT Tube overdrive Pedal

Again, a device to gutsify your tone. The Mode feature is of interest here, set it to one, and it gives it a kind of "wet" tone compaired to set at two for a "dry" tone. At a guess. you'll probably be wondering what the hell we're on about, but have a play, and believe it or not, it does make sence. The range of sounds from a light crunch to full blown overdrive gives textures like The Who/Bad Company all the way through to the Killers.


Pris: 1695 SEK
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